Thursday, June 20, 2013

Diamond Girl~ Jennifer Lopez

I used to think I disliked Jennifer Lopez, but I now realize that I have just been completely jealous. It all started when I went to that cattle call audition for the Selena movie in Chicago when I was 16. I LOVED Selena and wanted to be in the movie so bad. Um, I did not get the part. An unknown named Jennifer Lopez did. It was hate from that moment on. Not only did she get the part, but she was great as Selena.  I wanted to be a singer and actress and have big diamonds, and she had a lot of nerve doing what I wanted to do! So, I now must tip my hat, and say I really love her. As my sister Carla, (a former JLO hater as well), would say, "The girl is just too good!" I hear she is an avid collector of colored diamonds which makes me love her even more. Here are a few of my favorites from her collection.

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